Specialists in Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) and active standing technologies

The BerkelBike is an innovative combination of handcycle and recumbent bike which is can be driven by both the arms and legs. Particularly beneficial to individuals with limited or no function in their lower limbs, those with balance issues or any condition that limits their ability to move in daily life. Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) can also be used to allow paralysed or weak muscles to actively contract, leading to increased cardiovascular fitness and muscle hypertrophy.

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Standing Frames

Our frames enable individuals with disabilities and neurological disorders to stand making improvements in range of motion, strength, kidney function, bone health, cardiovascular health and many more.  While increasing life expectancy among the disabled, standing will also help delay and/or prevent secondary complications from immobility. Our standing frames can be used as part of rehabilitation health and fitness training.

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Active Links – ‘Superior Health through Active Movement’

Here at Active Links our vision is to ensure that neurological disorders, amputations or a physical restriction is not the end of being active, but a new beginning. We specialise in advanced medical equipment to increase the strength, health and mental wellbeing of individuals with disability so that they can thrive in everyday life. Our passion lies in both the greater state of health of the individual and the technology that is used to get them there.

Who is Paul Moore from Active Links?

Paul: ” As a paraplegic and active wheelchair user of some 35 years I know only too well the importance of keeping fit and active for living longer with less medical complications. From being a post graduate of sports science from Loughborough University and former Paralympian my passion has always been to promote innovative equipment that will enhance the lives of fellow Disabled individuals and the health benefits that they offer.

We provide a ‘one–to–one’ service where we consider all the individual needs and requirements. We are involved from bespoke assessments all the way through to delivery, hand-over, set-up, and training as well as offering after sales support. Knowing first-hand how accessible activity can enhance and encourage a healthier lifestyle we feel confident in promoting these unique products that contributes to the wellbeing of the lives of individuals with disabilities. “

Who is Billy Woods from Active Links?

Billy: “My background has always been in engineering and after a 7 year career in the British Army as an Electronics Technician I wanted to apply my skills in a medical environment. After completing an undergraduate degree in Medical Engineering at the University of Surrey I then went on to a complete a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London. I conducted my postgraduate research on FES cycling and witnessed how beneficial this kind of technology was to individuals facing disability, and how much potential there was increasing these benefits further.

Seeing first-hand what people with any kind of limitation can accomplish with the right tools drives me in this work. I appreciate that what most people take for granted such as standing, walking or cycling is critical for everyone. Working with Paul, who is a long-time wheelchair user, business owner and former Paralympian has inspired me want to help other people regain similar levels of health and independence.