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Our mission is to enable disabled people to remain fit and healthy. It is often a challenge to keep the body in good condition. for people living with disabilities and neurological disorders, the fitness of the body can decrease rapidly and important muscles become inactive and are often neglected. This causes the body to become weaker and can result in an increased risk of negative health complications. 

It can be difficult for disabled individuals  to keep their bodies fit and healthy. Often people with spinal cord injuries or neurological disorders cannot move certain limbs or muscle groups. We work with individuals and healthcare professionals on a one to one basis to provide innovative and cutting edge assistive technology to allow people living with disabilities the very best opportunities to maintain healthy lifestyles and longevity.

Active Linx prides itself on its 20 years experience in providing Assistive Technology solutions to people living with disabilities, its range of innovative and cutting edge equipment and our one to one consultative service.  People are important to us and helping to change lives for the better is what drives us. See our key products below:



Arm & Leg Exercise


Cycling is a great way for people of any ability to achieve better health. From cardiovascular training, building  bone density & muscle mass, increasing range of movement to building general fitness (and plain old fun too!). Whether its feeling the wind in you hair outside or training indoors, BerkelBike is unique and gets people just like you, with wide ranging disabilities, cycling with your own muscles. For people with disabilities cycling has not been achievable for many - until now!

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

Move Paralysed Muscles


Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) is an innovation in the field of muscle stimulation, which allows people with a complete transverse lesion and paralysed muscles to move again. It can be combined with a BerkelBike or EasyLegs.

FES technology can allow spinal cord injury (SCI) patients to actively cycle using their own leg muscles. By actively training the paralysed legs, common problems can be prevented. These include obesity, poor blood pressure and the formation of pressure ulcers.


Active Standing

Active standing provides lower body range of motion and upper body strengthening. Unlike passive standers, users move the handles with their arms (or a caregiver can assist) which creates a reciprocal movement in the legs  allowing full leg extension while standing. 

This advanced stander enhances the medical benefits of standing and keeps the body in shape positively affecting health.


Hybrid Handbike

KLICK HYBRID is our innovative hybrid hand bike attachment for wheelchairs with smart technology that combines all of the health benefits of manual cycling with the reliability of powered propulsion.

This offers all the benefits of a hand bike but with the added benefit of a battery powered add on that will take you where you want to go when you need it to.

Invictus Active

Wheelchair Trainer

The Invictus Active Wheelchair Trainer was specifically designed for all manual wheelchair users improve fitness, balance and technique, enable weight loss, build muscle strength and improve balance. It is also used by athletes for high intensity sport workouts and is a key training aid to increase speed, fitness and endurance for any sport.

It simulates 'road-like' pushing when maintaining a constant speed and 

can burn 350 kcal with a 30 minute workout!