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In our opinion, mobility or 'the ability to move or be moved freely and easily' is conjoined with the achievement of independence. The ability to make informed decisions about the role of assistive technology to provide the practical support you require to go about your everyday life is crucial to ensuring health maintenance and quality of life.

People living with disabilities, injuries and neurological conditions will undoubtedly have different journeys and different experiences in achieving independence in their everyday lives, and many will experience barriers.

We have over 20 years experience in working with individuals and healthcare professionals to overcome these barriers with innovative and leading assistive technology.  We provide a one to one consultation service to identify specialist solutions.

We work with experts from all across the world, to enable us to bring the right assistive technology solutions to individuals in the UK to prolong, enhance and better their everyday lives.

If you would like to get a free, no obligation one to one assessment to find the right assistive technology to improve your  mobility & independence in everyday life, please make contact.


ICON Wheelchair

Revolutionary Wheelchair


This amazing wheelchair has become, well, an ICON globally due its unique adjustability and air suspension.


The chair is literally adjustable in every single parameter in line with your own requirement changes.

The air suspension absorbs the everyday knocks and bumps helping with pain and bladder control. 

Klaxon Klick Electric Series

Manual & Powered electric wheelchair attachments


The Klaxon Klick Electric series of power add-ons feature the worldwide patented Klick Linking System.  The design makes it quick and easy to attach to your existing manual  wheelchair.

This series is truly inspired and so simple to use, achieve unparalleled independence whether off road, in the mall or on holiday.


Portable Shower Wheelchair

Travel Freedom


The Seatara Wheelable is a unique and innovative folding commode and shower chair designed for travelling.   With a lightweight folding frame that fits easily in boot of your car, the Seatara fits over most standard height toilets so is ideal for use in non adpated bathrooms