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The BerkelBike Connect is a bicycle extension with one wheel that can be attached to a wheelchair. It can be used to train the arms and legs simultaneously. It has the same handles as a handbike while the standard pedals are the same as those of a traditional tricycle.

BerkelBike Connect

  • The handles and foot pedals are connected to synchronise the movements and allow the arms to support the legs when necessary. It is also possible to only use the legs while cycling while holding the handles like a steering wheel. If the handles are rotated, the foot pedals will follow the rotation. This way, the user can choose to let their legs do the work or to support them with arm power.

    The pedal assist system helps the user perform a full cycle with the pedals. This is even possible if the legs have limited strength and coordination. The pedal assist system and the combination of arms and legs allow the user to distribute the effort during the cycling. The user can also choose to let tired limbs rest if necessary yet continue to cycle.

    A trip with the BerkelBike Connect translates to a full body work out. Body parts with reduced function are exercised while limbs with normal function can also get effective training. The BerkelBike can be combined with our electrical system in the case of a spinal cord injury to get paralysed legs moving again.


    For more information and case studies please see our BerkelBike website at www.berkelbike.co.uk

  • Length
    90 – 120 cm

    60 – 70 cm

    90 -110 cm

    Frame Material
    Aluminium 7005 with anodised finish

    14 kilograms – 31 pounds

    Front Tyre
    16″ Schwalbe Balloon Big Apple RaceGuard LiteSkin

    Speed gears
    Shimano Alfine 8 (also available in 11)

    Diskbreak Winzip Max P-1614