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EasyLegs Connect has been developed for use in combination with your wheelchair. The greatest advantage is that you don’t have to transfer from your wheelchair to the bike. This renders the Connect especially convenient for social and daily activities such as shopping, visiting friends and taking a ride in the park.


The Connect is smaller than the Pro and therefore even easier to carry in the car or store at your home. This is no handbike - this is leg bike and with the pedal assist option for weaker legs, you will recieve the help you require to exercise and remain fit.



BerkelBike EasyLegs Connect

  • Without regular exercise you can quickly lose strength and condition - cycling with the EasyLegs Pro keeps your body fit and in good condition. Unique to this cycle is that it can be fully adapted to your posture, size and disability. The seat angle can be adjusted so that you will sit comfortably, even with little stability in the hips.


    The EasyLegs Coonect tranforms your wheelchair into a tricycle that  trains the legs - it allows you to cycle with the strength of your own legs.

    The EasyLegs Coonect can be equipped with an electric pedal support. Electric pedal support offers the best of both worlds; It combines the convenience of a scooter with the exercise offered by a regular bike. Even if the user has difficulties completing a full cycling motion, the pedal support can help out whenever necessary. Just like the accelerator of a scooter, the EasyLegs has a lever to control the electric pedal support. With this lever, the user can decide how much assistance is required for pedalling. The user can choose how much work they want to put in; they can choose to cycle completely by themselves or leave it completely over to the pedal assist, or anything in between.

  • Length
    90 – 120 cm



    60 cm


    90 -110 cm


    Frame Material
    Aluminium 7005 with anodised finish


    12 kilograms – 26 pounds


    Front Tyre
    16″ Schwalbe Balloon Big Apple RaceGuard LiteSkin


    Speed gears
    Shimano Alfine 8 (also available in 11)


    Diskbreak Winzip Max P-1614


    For more information and case studies please see our BerkelBike website at www.berkelbike.co.uk