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The Invictus Active Wheelchair Trainer is designed specifically for wheelchair users to improve fitness, balance and technique, and building muscle strength. This can be used by any manual wheelchair user and is loved by athletes for high intensity sport workouts and is a key training aid to increase speed, endurance and general fitness to benefit performance in any chsoen sport.  


You can lose weight too – burn 350 kcal with a 30 minute workout!

Invictus Active Wheelchair Trainer

  • The Invictus Active Wheelchair Trainer was devloped by wheelchair users with spinal cord injury who wanted to get fitter and lose weight. It can be used by most wheelchair users (unless their medical condition is a contra-indication) whether seasoned wheelchair user or newly injured, this is a great way to maintain health & fitness at home or in the gym. Infact, if you have not used a wheelchair for long then the trainer is ideal – we have a number of spinal cord injury units using them to teach people how to push and build up strength. 


    Key Benefits:


    Get fitter - Unbelievable cardio workout boosting your fitness and improves balance
    Prevent injury - Build shoulder strength and muscles
    Push better - Improve your technique and become more efficient, simulates 'road-like' pushing when maintaining a constant speed
    Train - Push better on the road, track or court.

    Lose Weight - Burn up to 350 kcal every 30 minutes and record the calories lost.

    Easy to set-up – can use used anywhere inside or outside.

    Work each arm individually – four independent rollers.

    Ready to go – easy to wheel on and off and start exercising.

    Portable and lightweight – separates easily for transport and storage.


    Get fitter, find out more about the Invictus Active Wheelchair Trainer today.

  • There are options available:


    Invictus Active Trainer Basic Option 

    Complete trainer – but it does not record speed or distance.


    Invictus Active Smart Trainer Option 

    Complete trainer – plus speed / distance sensor.

    The smart trainer is bluetooth enabled and connect to our app – it displays your speed and distance! Also records your workouts which you can save and see how you progress and improve over time.


    Invictus Active Smart Trainer Plus 

    Complete trainer – plus speed / distance sensor – plus heart rate monitor – plus phone stand.

    This complete package includes everything – you can record speed, distance, heart rate, calories burnt and easily display your phone to tablet next to the trainer on the stand.



    • Length – 157.5cm (62")
    • Width – 103.5cm (41")
    • Height – 11.8cm (4¾")