Klaxon Klick

The innovative KLICK Linking System Klaxon® (Worldwide patent approved) allows for your favourite KLICK hand bike to be connected and disconnected within seconds. The universal connection hub adapts to all manual wheelchair types, including foldable wheelchairs. Experience a new level of freedom without compromising the manoeuvrability and comfort of your manual wheelchair. Line-up. Engage. KLICK.
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This powered hand bike will take you on an adventurous cruise, an outdoor trip with your friends and loved ones, on a shopping spree in town or help you do your day-to-day activities. It is suitable for different settings and environments and thanks to its small turning radius, is easily manoeuvrable in small places. Go for a ride!

The Klaxon Klick is easy to attach and can be used with almost any wheelchair. The Patented Klick Linking System system can be adjusted to fit and be comfortable for any user in any position!

The Klaxon Klick can be used for long distance driving and can also be upgraded with an even larger battery if you are really adventurous!  It is very lightweight and is suitable for travelling and can even come with a travel bag for those with a jet set lifestyle!

The Klaxon Klick also comes in a tetra version so if you have limited or no hand function you can still travel long distances. The handlebar on the Tetra pivots so you can use your forearms, wrists or even an open palm to push the bar to brake and bring it towards you to drive forward!