UK Official Dealer

Active Linx are specialists with the amazing EasyStand standing frames. We have 20 years of experience providing frames to people all across the UK.

We are very focused around the end user and offer assessments and consultations about these frames and how they can be best used. This includes one on one services and demonstrations, presentations and training with healthcare professionals, carers and legal staff who are dealing with injury claims.

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Benefits of Standing

There are many health benefits of standing for those who use wheelchairs including:

Improve range of motion
Decrease joint/muscle contractures
Improve strength
Decrease muscle spasms
Improve circulation
Maintain bone integrity
Manage pressure ulcers
Improve bowel function
Aid in kidney + bladder functions
Reduce swelling in lower extremities

How can standing help you?

EasyStand Evolv

EasyStand Glider

EasyStand StrapStand

EasyStand Mobile