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Folding Travel Shower Chair & Commode 

If you are a wheelchair user or have mobility issues, you are probably no stranger to uncertainty about travelling away from home or booking a holiday.


When it comes to showering and toileting whilst way from home, those 'accessible' rooms that, well, just aren't - not to mention the trains, planes and airports that can all pose anxiety and stress.

Active Linx have found the solution - Seatara's Wheelable folding travel shower chair & commode. 


"Thank you for this life changing product...what a difference it has made to my life. I can now book a holiday with confidence!"

Mr A Naylor, T6 spinal cord injury

Seatara Wheelable

Travel Freedom 

The Seatara Wheelable is a unique and innovative folding commode and shower chair designed for travelling.   With a lightweight folding frame that fits easily in boot of your car, the Seatara fits over most standard height toilets so is ideal for use in non adpated bathrooms.

Compact Self Propelling design and unique braking system for use in wetrooms, the Seatara doubles as a shower and toileting chair.